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Product Information: Usage (On You)

  • After 90 minutes you should consider reapplying - maybe sooner, if you’re sweating up a storm.
  • We know you want to keep your little ones bug-free, but you shouldn’t use our repellent products on children under six months of age. Always follow the instructions on the label. For older kids, we recommend putting the repellent on your hands first, and then applying it to their skin – so that they don’t rub their eyes and get irritated. That could ruin the whole day.
  • Check with your local recycling agency. Each municipality has their own guidance for what can be recycled. No matter what, you’ll need to remove the trigger and pump, as they have metal components.
  • Some people find they can get along just fine without bug repellent. Good for them! The rest of us need a bit more protection (especially as the weather heats up), but we wanted a natural option that was plant-powered and effective. Bug repellents can help prevent bites that ruin a perfectly good afternoon!
  • For sure. Please spray it on your hands first and rub it in, just to avoid spraying into your eyes, mouth or nose.
  • You sure can. We would recommend putting on the sunscreen first.

Product Information: Usage (Not On You)

Product Information: Ingredients