Mosquito Repellents

Bring peace to your personal space.

Tired of bugs invading your personal space? Repel them the plant-powered way, with Bug Botanist’s line of bug sprays and wipes, made with essential oils. Our mosquito repellents are family-friendly (when used as directed) and are an effective way to help prevent the bites that can ruin a perfectly good afternoon.

Insect Traps

Starts working faster than you can say 'Peace, Bugs!'

Why take up time and space with homemade, DIY bug traps, when you can trust Bug Botanist? Just put the open Fruit Fly Trap jar near where the bugs are coming from, and they’ll be drawn to the liquid in the jar. Then it’s hasta la vista, buggy. Safe for use indoors near kids, pets, and food (when used as directed.)

Insecticides & Remedies

Protect your home and family with the power of essential oils.

Whether it’s ants attempting to conquer your counter, or flying bugs driving you buggy, just reach for a bottle of Bug Botanist insecticide. Our products are powered by essential oils, safe* for use indoors near kids, pets, and food, and are effective to kill ants, roaches, flies, and other pesky pests. (*When used as directed.)